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These numbers show the position (rank) of your shop in a local Google search based on your chosen keyword(s). If your shop isn't ranking at 1,2, or 3, it will get next to none of the potential traffic.

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  • 3

The color of the nodes indicates the level of traffic your shop will receive. Green nodes is great news for your shop - it'll receive lots of the pontial traffic. Amber means your traffic is heavily reduced. Red means you're nearly invisible to potential customers. More details explainer below.

How Do You Rank?

Our ‘florist only’ scans show the position you rank in Google on and around your shop, which is fundamental to your business growth.

Rank 3 or above

If you rank in 3rd position or above on a Google search, Google will position you ‘in the box’. This is a map box that displays the top 3 results, and these get nearly all the traffic.

Ranking 4 to 6

Ranking between 4th and 6th position means you won’t be in the map box, and will lose nearly all the potential customers.

Ranking 7+

If you rank in position 7 or above for a Google search it means you’re nearly undiscoverable. Only a tiny percentage of traffic ever clicks these results.

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