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Get your 100% FREE 30-Minute Marketing Audit Call ($1,000 Value) and we’ll show you our proven strategy marketing framework so you not only survive, but thrive through the Corona crisis.

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Guessing if Marketing Works, is Frustrating
Marketing’s Tough, Yet Simple

Making marketing work for florists is tough, yet is simple when using
strategies that are proven to work

Discover Opportunites
Discovering where the opportunites are online is key to knowing which marketing strategies will work for your shop!
Consistently Implement
Consistency is key to the success of your marketing
Review And Tweak
Reviewing your marketing efforts on a regular basis, and tweaking which strategies you implement is the best way create new customers
Marketing’s Tough, Yet Simple
Take Advantage and
Book Your Free Marketing Audit ($1,000 Value)
Limited Time Offer
FREE 30-Minute Marketing Audit Call ($1,000 Value)

Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 30-Minute Strategy Session Call while they last and we’ll go step by step through a full audit to discover all the hidden opportunities

Industry Traffic Analysis

We’ll run a scan to see how many times you’re searched for daily in your area

Keyword Opportunity

We’ll check how your shop ranks for ‘florist [state]’ and other popular keywords

Google Box Discovery
Google Box Discovery

We’ll talk you through which results are displaying in the Google Map Box and it’s opporunities

Huge Returns
Business Page Audit

We’ll review together your Google My Business (GMB) page, and discuss how to optimize it

15 Years Experience

TeamFloral has been working with Florists for over 15 years assisting them grow and thrive during all the technological changes

We Understand Florists

We know and understand florists. In fact, we only work with florists on implementing growth strategies that work

Over 3,000 Florists Helped

We’ve helped over 3,000 florists grow with marketing strategies developed solely for them

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Complex, but Simple
Become Google’s Favorite Florist