Free Local Google Rank Scanner For Florists

Discover exactly which position you rank in Google search results around your shop's location

Losing Customers
Losing Customers

If someone searches for ‘flowers’ on Google, and you appear in position 4 or above in their results, you’re losing customers, it’s unjustly that simple.

Losing Customers
In the Dark

If you're not consistantly aware of how Google is ranking your shop, you’re in the dark. Making sure your shop is visible and ranks highly on Google is essential in today’s online world.

Losing Customers
How Do You Rank?

The higher you rank, the more traffic you get from Google. You are ranked differently in each area of town as the example below indicates. A ranking of 1 is the best position followed by 2 and 3. If you are higher than 3, you are invisible to online shoppers in that area.

Ranking 1 to 3

If you rank 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position on a Google search, Google will position you ‘in the box’. The goal is to rank 1st position in as many areas as possible.

Ranking 4 and higher

If you rank 4th position or higher, you won't be in the map box, and will lose nearly all the potential customers.

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TeamFloral only works with florists. For over 15 years we've helped over 1,000 florists make their business a success.

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TeamFloral is a team of floral specialists that have dedicated their careers to assisting florists to grow their businesses.

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Achieving Success Online Is Frustrating

Getting your flower shop to rank highly in Google is frustrating. It can cost you
hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Free Scan
Free Scan

We created a free scanning tool so you know where you stand in the eyes of Google


We offer memberships that are uniquely tailored to helping florists be successful

Florists Love Us
Florists Love Us

We’ve worked with over 1,000 shops and florists love us!

Huge Returns
Huge Returns

Our members are seeing huge returns on their investments.

Discover Your Visibility And
Run Your Free Google Rank Scan
How A Scan Works

We do all the work in the background so you don’t have to

Find your Business
Find your Business

Find your business using the search field and complete a small form.

Run Scan
Run Scan

Run your free Goggle search rank scan by tapping ‘run scan’

View Results
View Results

View the results of positions your shop ranks in Google so you can take action

Increase Your GMB Ranking

If your results are not as you'd hoped, don't worry. We’ve helped hundreds of shops increase their Google rankings

customer finder standard
Customer Finder Standard
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90-Day Guarantee

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Really Simple Process
Really Simple Process

Growing a successful flower shop is not easy, but it can be simple

Really Simple Process

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Risk Free
Risk Free

If you don’t earn more back than you spend we’ll return your money, no questions asked.

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How Does Your Shop Rank?

While we were creating our Customer Finder programs, we realised just how many flower shop owners didn’t know that if their shop ranked 1st in a Google search on their phone while standing in their shop, that the rank for the same search 1 mile down the road would show different results.

This means that the location of the customer who is searching on Google, matters; especially when searching for local businesses. Knowing this, we created a local Google rank scanner that searches for terms such as ‘florist’ and ‘flower shop’ to help you understand which position your shop is ranked in Google.

Discover exactly which position you rank in Google search results around your shop's location by running a free and instant scan.

If you’re ever wondered, ‘where do I rank in google for my flower shop?’. Or, ‘how do I increase my position in a Google search as a florist?’ then this scanning tool is for you.

Once you’ve run a scan or two, book a call with us. Once you understand how your shop truly displays to your potential customers we can do further scans to share with you how your local competitors rank.

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