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Plant Your Shop's Identity

Consumers go to the internet to buy flowers. When you can make your shop visible in a crowded marketplace, you get more visitors to your website.

Turn Shoppers into Buyers

It's your website - not you, your store, or your staff- that determines which shoppers will become buyers. That's why it's the most important aspect of your growth.

Turn Buyers Into Customers

Consumers hear thousands of messages and can easily forget who you are. Re-marketing to your customers determines whether you grow or stay stagnant.




TeamFloral gives you the expertise to combat the national advertisers and helps you regain control over the growth of your shop. 

It shouldn’t be so hard for florists to increase sales. Marketing a flower shop in today’s environment is complicated by the influx of order gathers. It’s no longer the best florist that gets the order, its the business with the best electronic marketing. 

We know how hard it is to grow sales in a marketplace dominated by the national advertisers. TeamFloral has helped hundreds of large and small shop stake their claim in the electronic world. And once you let people know you are there, your website starts working for you, your staff can be converted into a sales team and your customers speak a viral message that spreads.

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Don't just take our word for it...

Watch how TeamFloral has helped our members grow.


Susie Sayger, Heaven Scent Flowers

When it felt like she was ready to take her shop to the next level, TeamFloral showed her how. Sales have skyrocketed and the quality of her shop's work has improved tremendously.


Ralph Giordano, Giordano's Floral Creations

In under 3 years, Ralph transformed his shop from closing its doors into a profitable, thriving business. He's now taking vacations and enjoying the luxury of being a floral artist again.

Becki Creighton, Flowers by Fudgie

With not enough hours in the day, Becki turned to TeamFloral to manage her website. In return, she's tripled her sales and has more time to focus on her wedding clients. (And her family!)



Filling out the free website analysis form is the first step to regaining control of your shop.



Our process begins immediately by combing through thousands of web directories and social media mending links to your website to ensure there is nothing keeping shoppers from finding you.

Our service techs log in to your website to begin doing the hands-on work that you don't have time to do.


Once you join TeamFloraL...

You'll get access to the TeamFloral Library, packed full of training videos, webinars, PDFs, and tools to help grow your business. We also have an image catalog with hundreds of exclusive TeamFloral floral designs with recipes, exclusively for our members.


How much is ineffective or non-existent marketing costing you in lost sales right now? How many potential customers will never find your shop in the sea of noise on the internet? How many of your holidays are falling off because consumers don’t know that they should call a local florist? How many people never even find your website?

A lack of clarity is probably already costing you a great deal.

Trying TeamFloral is a risk-free way to regain control of your shop and start winning again.


OUR 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you aren't happy, We'll give you a full refund. no questions asked.

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