entrepreneur, CREATOR, student of life...

Susie has owned her shop for 31 years. Her and her husband learned the floral industry with no prior knowledge, after careers as business owners in the metal manufacturing industry - a big step in a different direction.

She needed accountability to take initiative and move the practices and standards forward into her store. TeamFloral gave her a start on these things, pushed her to follow through and finish, and to be successful.

The challenges of competing with big box stores has propelled her to make Heaven Scent Flowers to be above and beyond what a customer could dream; to be the premiere source for quality flowers.

In one word, TeamFloral gives her the availability that she needs. If she has a question, we've got the answer. If there's a subject she wants to know more about, we have a webinar to tune into. Somebody is there for her to fill in the blanks and give her accountability.

She was successful before joining TeamFloral. She's more successful now. There's no reason why you can't love what you do....and be rewarded financially at the same time.