old school trained, learning new school ways...

As a 4th generation New York designer, Ralph grew up in the industry sweeping floors, cleaning buckets, and learning the ways of the business.

Now, he's owned his own flower shop for 19 years. Floral design is his passion, but on the business side he really struggled with cash flow. At the end of the day, it felt like he had nothing left.

TeamFloral gave him opportunity to look at numbers, realize where he was overspending, analyze the things that weren't working, and focus on putting his time, energy, and dollars into the right things. In return this improved his profit margin and lowered costs.

The support from TeamFloral has been his saving grace - knowing he can pick up the phone or send an email, and receive a solution in a timely manner. 

3 years ago he was contemplating closing his doors. Now, he has money in the bank, pays his bills, goes on vacations, and is doing the things that a retail business owner should be doing. The best part is that Giordano hasn't sacrificed quality, his design clients are happier than ever, and 2015 was his best sales year since he opened his doors.