Playa Del Rey Florist

Lance Williams, Owner

In Additional Sales

Heaven Scent is receiving an average of $9,414 per month in additional sales

Return on Investment

Heaven Scent has received 19X the cost of the program in new sales

More Web Visits

Website traffic increased by 4025 visits during this period

Google Search Results

The shop was shown to floral shoppers 12,100 more times by Google compared to the same period last year

Heaven Scent’s Results

Heaven Scent saw great results from their Customer Finder Professional plan with TeamFloral. They were by no means alone with with these type of results.

Increase in google appearance
Increase in Web traffic
Increase in Web Sales
Playa Del Rey Florist’s Plans

Playa Del Rey Florist is a part of our Customer Finder program

customer finder professional
98% of customers on this plan
Customer Finder professional
$ 495 / Month

Our pro plan. Serious work towards your online presence and growing your customer base.

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