Sit Down with Jay

Book a call with our new all-star English Superman. Jay, will run a free local scan and review your shop’s visiblity with you. No ‘car salesman’ tactics here. A no-obligation informal ‘chit-chat’ (as the British would say).

Jay Hector, Sales & Marketing Director
Call Benefits

Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 30-Minute Strategy Session Call ($1,000 Value) and we’ll show you where tons of opportunities to improve your store’s visibility lie.


Jay will run a scan to see how many times you’re searched for daily in your area

Keyword Opportunity
Keyword Opportunity

Also, Jay checks how your shop ranks for ‘florist [state]’ and other popular keywords

Google Box Discovery
Google Box Discovery

Jay will talk you through which results are displaying in the Google Map Box and it’s opporunities

GMB Audit
GMB Audit

You’ll review together your Google My Business (GMB) listing, and discuss how to optimize it

X-Ray Like Rank Scan
X-Ray Like Rank Scan

Jay will run a free local scan for between 1 and 10 miles of your shop to see how you rank! This is widly important and reveals huge opportunities.


Jay will happily answer any questions you have. Any that fall outside his wealth of knowledge he’ll ask a team member and get back to you.

Jay’s Calendar

Book a time with Jay that’s convenient for you

TeamFloral Team

The TeamFloral team has dedicated their careers to helping florists. Over 15 years’ working together and they’ve helped thousands of shops

Dan McManus
Dan McManus
President / CEO

There are very few leaders in the industry that have touched more florists than Dan McManus the founder of TeamFloral. Dan has helped thousands of flower shops become successful through his publication of 'flowers and profits' and TeamFloral's services.

Bridget Whitlock
Director of Operations

The extreme satisfaction of our members comes from Bridget's dedication to all the details that contribute to the TeamFloral experience.

Jay Hector
Jay Hector
Sales & Marketing Director

Jay is our ‘in-house’ SEO Specialist and familiar face on marketing videos.

Josh Holt
Sales Manager

Josh helps florists find the best TeamFloral services to help accomplish their growth plans.

Staci Kristoff
SEO services

If it has to do with SEO services, Staci is in the middle of it making sure TeamFloral members are well cared for.

Another Team Member
Tiffany Moncada
SEO onboarding

Tiffany ensures the ease of all SEO onboarding.

Another Team Member
Elizabeth Walter
Social Media Manager

Helping members connect with their customers through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Another Team Member
Andreas Giorgiades
Digital Marketing

Andreas helps keep TeamFloral ahead of digital marketing trends.

Another Team Member
Catherine Yox
Web Management

For all things relating to websites, Catherine makes it happen.

Another Team Member
Larissa Breshears
Assistant Web Manager

Larissa makes sure every customer’s website has that special sparkle.

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Booking a Call with Jay

Jay’s our English Superman here at TeamFloral. He specializes in guiding flower shop owners through how TeamFloral works with florists and floral designers, and how we have a 100% money-back guaranteed way of helping.

Jay is a Customer Finder expert and can discuss with you how Customer Finder Standard and Customer Finder Professional can drive new customers to your shop every month. He also has access to tools to discover your flower shops rank in a local Google search, along with how your competitors rank! This is vital information in assessing the online landscape of your shop’s visibility.

So if you’re looking for a sit-down with Jay, then don’t hesitate to book a call in his calendar. Currently, it’s the best time to do so, as our strategy session calls, which have a $1,000 value are completely free right now.

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