Signs that Help Sales

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Signs are an integral part of your shop and probably don’t get the respect or attention they deserve.  As your silent sales team, they should impart key information to your customers, such as cost, color, purpose, and potential savings.

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at your price tags. Customers want to know how much something costs and most of them don’t want to ask a salesperson. If they have to ask, they will just decide to move on and not buy. When price tags are hard to find or don’t exist, customers will often assume the price is so high that it’s off-putting, so they lose interest.

Price tags should be easy to find and read and they should reflect your shop’s brand.

Tags are often missing in product vignettes, but they are certainly needed in them. One of the great things about a selection of merchandise in one place is that it shows customers a price range and that there’s something for everyone’s budget. Sometimes it’s best to list products and their prices in an attractive frame and place that within the vignette.

Signs that help sales

Don’t forget price tents. Small, folded cards with the product identification and price can be elegant if they are well constructed, easy to read and blend with your shop’s brand. Just be sure they remain in the right place and aren’t moved too close to the wrong product. You don’t want to misinform your customer about which product costs what amount.

Shop signs can spur sales and make customers notice products that they might have otherwise missed. These are great during Valentine’s and Mother’s Day when the shop is full and bursting with merchandise. Signs can point out new arrivals, hot sellers, and customer favorites. Consider these examples:

Limited Time Offer sign
  • Just In! – Signs like this alert customers to new, exciting merchandise they haven’t seen before.

  • While They Last – This screams “buy it now or regret it later.” It lets customers know that you have a limited supply of this item.

  • By Popular Demand – Alerts customers that this merchandise is very popular and your customers will be interested in seeing what other people are buying. They feel that they can’t go wrong with something a lot of other people like.

  • This Way to [Popular Item]– Maybe it’s roses or carnations for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. Whatever is a big seller year after year in your shop deserves special signs that direct customers to it.

Don’t allow your signs to show wear. Replace ones that are fading, smudged, dog-eared, or bent. Be sure they are cohesive and not  from last year’s sales campaign. They are meant to draw attention – but you always want it to be the right kind of attention.