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You can be the best florist in town, but if Google doesn’t know that, you’re invisible online and losing hundreds of customers and thousands in revenue every month potential customers

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Are You Invisible Online?
Get 63% Of All Shoppers

The majority of all searchers on Google pick one of the companies that is featured in the 3-pack next to the map. Only 3 florists are placed there by Google. We want you to be one.

62% of All Traffic
Over 62% of all shoppers click on one of the 3 choices Google provides in the box next to the map. If you are not in the box, you are invisible to most shoppers. Florists that use an SEO service get featured more times in the box and see their sales increase because consumers see them.
How is your shop ranked by Google?
Many shop owners are surprised to find out that their shop ranks differently in various parts of town. Often shops are poorly ranked even a mile away from their location. SEO fixes this.
Who’s The Best Florist?
Get to the Top of Google
Google’s Top Spot isn’t Easy, but it is Simple
Optimize your Google Listing

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is primary to increasing your ranking

Run A Local Scan

Local scans are the best way to determine if you’re truly visible or not to your potential customers

Find Opportunities First
Find Opportunities First

Creating, updating and optimizing your citations (a fancy word for profiles) is integral to Google’s rank position

Huge Returns
Growing Links

By growing links (URL links from other websites to your own) is a key strategy for increasing your position in Google

Your Partner In A Changing World

TeamFloral has helped thousands of florists grow and thrive amid changes in technology and the impact these have had on florists.

We Understand Florists

It has never been more important to have a partner such as TeamFloral that understands technology and how a shop can thrive by using digital marketing to its advantage.

Over 3,000 Florists Helped

We've helped thousands of shop owners grow in sales and profitability over the years.

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We love to help florists succeed. Book a free call and we'll use our tools to help you evaluate your Google ranking and see how you compare to the other shops in your area. If you need it, we can share how TeamFloral can help to improve your rankings.

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Become Google’s Favorite Florist