The concepts taught at TeamFloral are so powerful because of the incredible reliability and straightforward solutions we offer.

Every “Best Practice” and the benchmark data that is so helpful to our Members comes from other florists. These methods have all been field-tested and proven to be successful. There is no safer, faster or more accurate way to improve a shop’s operation. Each month Members’ data is processed and provides comparisons to see real-time benchmarks in sales, profitability, web, and mystery shopping. Combine this rich data with the hands-on teaching from our coaches, and you have the expedited path to working smarter, not harder.


The TeamFloral Story

In 1995, I knew retail florists would need help navigating the new economy that was being overtaken by Internet activities. My publication, Flowers and Profits, was celebrating 10 years as the largest business newsletter in the floral industry. Twenty thousand florists or 2 out of 3 shops in North America subscribed. Reading articles on business advice was helpful but it was not enough if a shop owner really wanted to thrive in this new Internet-based economy. They needed personal coaching. And the coaches needed to have methods that were practical to implement and would be highly successful.

I set out to find the methods first. I needed to do so quickly. The Internet had already wiped out many entire retail sectors; video rental stores, music stores, and most travel agencies were shuttered almost overnight. How would florists survive the national order gatherers invading their marketplace with Yellow Pages and web ads? How would they stop the two wire services that were bypassing retailers completely and shipping nearly half of their orders in boxes directly to consumers? What was the plan to weather the economy that was headed to the worst recession in our lifetime?

One thing was for certain: a consulting practice such as TeamFloral was in no position to control these larger events. The solution would have to be grassroots. It needed to rely on practical and affordable strategies. The only practical solution would have to come from other retail florists – the ones that were flourishing despite these threatening conditions.

Researchers in other industries have been highly effective in finding such “bright spots”. A small Save The Children team with little government support and a tiny budget curbed starvation in rural Vietnam by finding and teaching bright spot strategies. A hospital group quickly and easily discovered a way to lower unnecessary death rates after years of looking for the elusive solution. Even inner-city schools had used mapping “bright spots” to significantly reduce the drop out rate. If bright spots helped so many other industries, could they would work helping retail florists? I am pleased to report that they could... and they did.

TeamFloral has the methods and strategies that shops need to grow despite the overwhelming challenges they face.

 By combining the successful methods of hundreds of retail shop owners, TeamFloral has been able to create a set of “Best Practices.” These tools and strategies are so effective and practical to implement that any shop can use them regardless of their unique circumstances.

Since 1996, TeamFloral has consulted over 700 shops in the US and Canada with great success.